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Mélange Hair

Tape Ins Wavy

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Length that Lasts. Lush & Luxurious. Silky. Raw. Always Natural.

Our all-natural, chemical-free, velvety-smooth Tape-In extensions are simply boundless in their benefits. Melange Tape-Ins are sourced ethically from various locations in Southeast Asia. They are a safe and easy way to give you miles of length in minutes. This product is a perfect way to amp up your style game without any of the hassle! We love to make hairstyling as easy, efficient, and optimally effective as possible. Whenever you’re ready to diversify your style-palate, add another look to your collection, or prepare for a major event or outing, Melange Tape-In extensions will be the perfect product to boost your confidence!

This collection comes with double-sided keratin tape in 1-2 inch pieces. In a variety of textures and colors, Tape-In extensions can provide both straight and wavy hair, offering you many different styling routes to take. With 35+ colors to choose from, you can express your unique sense of style in any shade or hue. In each set, you’ll find 48 pieces - more than enough to give you rich, thick, supple, and stunning hair in minutes! Tape-In extensions will last 6-8 weeks when properly taken care of. Because of the high-quality nature of our products, you can use Melange Tape-In extensions multiple times, giving your style durability and strength.

What you’ll find in a Melange Tape-In Extension:

  • 40 pieces of naturally sourced, raw, SEA hair (100 grams per pack)
  • Safe-to-use double-sided keratin tape
  • 1-2 inch pieces of gorgeous hair
  • Both wavy & straight textures
  • 30+ colors to choose from
  • Minimal shedding
  • Durable style
  • 6-8 weeks of silky, luxurious hair
  • Zero scalp or hair damage
  • Breathtaking length

Here at Melange Hair Extensions, we deeply value the level of quality and beauty that we offer our clients. With Tape-In hair extensions, you will discover a glamorous style that keeps on giving. Never bleached, dyed, or treated with harsh chemicals, our all-natural hair will treat your scalp with care. We believe that you deserve to feel beautiful from the inside out without any nuisance. Tape-in Extensions can boost your style repertoire and be used multiple times when treated with love. For a look that enhances your intrinsic radiance, look no further than Melange Tape-In extensions.