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Mélange Hair

Keratin Itips Wavy

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Healthy. Nourishing. Lustrous. Lengthening. Natural.

For long-lasting length and shine, Keratin I-tip extensions are the direction you want to take for your next big move in haircare. I-tip extensions provide you with a polished sheen that remains durable and strong for up to 6 months. For yet another breathtaking look in your hairstyling repertoire, Keratin I-tips are a healthy and affordable option for length that lasts! We always source our products with the utmost attention and care, ensuring that our clients look and feel as gorgeous as they are. If you’re looking for ease and natural beauty, we highly recommend our I-tip extensions for your next look.

Melange Keratin I-tip extensions come with 50 pieces in each set. With an “I” shaped tip, these luxurious strands are easily placed onto natural hair through the use of keratin glue or beads. This method is extremely safe to use and even considered healthy for your natural hair. 

You can use our I-tip extensions on a wide variety of hair textures and shapes. We offer our Keratin I-tip extensions in both straight and wavy textures, making for an effortlessly elegant look that can be worn on any occasion. As always, you can choose from an extensive variety of 35+ colors and style it to your preference and liking. All products are completely raw and natural. We never dye, bleach, straighten, or use any harsh chemicals on our hair, making for a stunning effect with our I-tip extensions.

What you’ll find in a Melange Keratin I-tip Extension:

  • 50 pieces of naturally sourced, raw, SEA hair (50 grams per pack)
  • Safe & nourishing keratin glue
  • Both wavy & straight textures
  • 30+ colors to choose from
  • Minimal shedding
  • Durable style that lasts up to 6 months
  • Silky, smooth, and velvety natural hair
  • Zero scalp or hair damage
  • Breathtaking length

Here at Melange Hair Extensions, we want to give women the experience of high-quality hair care that feels good to use. We care deeply about the way products look, feel, and where they come from. This is why we hand-pick all of our hair from multiple locations in Southeast Asia. 

We place exquisite attention on our products for optimal client satisfaction. We also believe that good quality doesn’t mean breaking the bank to have it. Our Keratin I-tip extensions are an affordable and luxurious option if you’re looking for length that astonishes. Feel and look beautiful from the outside-in.