Argan Oil is a natural oil that is obtained from the cold pressing of Argania spinosa seeds .
Hydrolyzed keratin is the trico - cosmetic treatment par excellence : it penetrates the hair and binds to the fibers that constitute it . In fact , the hair is mainly made up of keratin which tends to weaken over time.
Nourishes and controls hair giving it a silky shiny look. Directions for use: Apply to dry or damp hair. Do not rinse.


Scalp Sanitiser. Detoxifies and purifies the scalp improving its elasticity. Stimulates cell renewal and favours suitable oxygenation in the scalp. Restores the correct balance in skin flora.
Ideal for daily use. Anti-dandruff. Rebalancing. Soothing. Carries out a calming and emollient action, aimed at reestablishing the intactness of the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Reduces desquamations, heals itching.

5 week enriching hair treatment

The haircare treatment for regeneration and revitalization within 5 weeks. This soft, lightweight, versatile lotion helps to revitalize and restore hair to its most youthful, radiant appearance.