Why Mélange

Welcome to Mélange Hair Extensions, where good hair days happen every day!

About Us

Melange Hair Extensions was founded in 2015 to help empower and inspire women. Our goal was to create a place where women can find a friendly voice to help them become more beautiful, comfortable, and secure. We have hair extensions to make your style thicker, fuller, and more luxurious. There is also a possibility that you need one to cover a spot where your natural hair is not growing. We have that for you also. Our dedicated staff is kind, compassionate, and non-judgemental. They want to help you be you. They will discuss your wants and needs with you and help you select the best pieces and methods for you.

Our Goals

We want to inspire and empower all women. At Melange, we give women a place to leave their inhibitions and insecurities behind. We want to help you find success and happiness in your life. A hairpiece, especially for a lady with hair thinning or hair falling out, can be the start of something big. When that personal victory happens, please write a review or a blog post for us. We want to hear all about your success that started when you regained your confidence with a hairpiece from us.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction are our Priorities.