The Do’s & Don’t of Coloring your Hair Extensions

The Do’s and Don’ts of Coloring Your Hair Extensions

Spicing it up with some lovely pastel shades? Good! A little color is much needed from time to time. If you’re applying your new hue to hair extensions, there are some things you have to be mindful of. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place to learn! Welcome to the classroom: let’s break down some important DO’s and DON’T’s

Rules of Thumb for Colored Hair Extensions

Don’t use a box dye! There are harsh chemicals in them that are barely safe for your real hair, let alone your fine hair extensions. The best thing about a bad dye job at home is that you can get a trim, let it grow, and watch it fade out. Your hair extensions obviously don’t grow, and you don’t want to chop them off if you don’t like what you see. Don’t waste your money by ruining your beautiful extensions, and get it done with the right dyes instead. 

Do consider your skin tone! Once you dye your hair extensions, you’re stuck with it for a while. Make sure you choose the right shade for your complexion. If you’re on the paler side, you might like to go with warmer shades, whereas if you have darker skin, you might like ashy, softer tones to be your new best friend. Double-check your shades against your cheek, since that’s the closest to where the hair will fall.

Don’t get any die on the tape, weft, or whatever material has the hair secured to your scalp. The chemicals could damage it, and we want to keep those super secure. When they get loose, your hair won’t fall the way you’d like it to, and if they’re damaged, they will slowly fall out. That makes one too many trips to the stylist, sis. 

Do create an awesome care routine. No matter how you dye it, color-treated hair requires upkeep. Not only must you keep it healthy after uploading all of those color chemicals into the stands, but you want the color to last! Don’t over-wash it, and use the right shampoo. Always read labels and stick to shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that are color-safe. 

Don’t dye synthetic hair extensions, EVER! If you’re not sure which your extensions are, remove one strand and hold it up to a flame. Everyone has an idea of what burnt hair smells like, and it’s strong. If the strand catches fire and produces that stinky smell, it’s real. If it melts away into thin air, it’s plastic, and you do NOT want to ruin those with hair dye. 

Do start at the roots! This allows you to ensure you get the full length of the section. You can hold the bottom while there is no dye on it and rotate the hair to ensure you get full coverage. This helps you make it even, and it produces a much better final product. Be sure you rinse with cold water and don’t squeeze or rub the hair to dry it. You can use a hairdryer to dry them, but be mindful that you don’t use the hottest settings. Keep it cool!

Don’t do it yourself! When you leave it to a professional, you can rest easy knowing that they’ve probably done this hundreds of times. They know all about color choices, best practices, and how to not ruin hair extensions. They can also hook you up with a great care and style routine, which means you walk out of that salon feeling like a million bucks. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, don’t learn the hard way! 

So...Can You Color Hair Extensions?

Yes! However, are there 90 rules to follow if you do? Of course! Best of all, if you’re local to Sandy Springs, GA, the stylists at Kith & Kin Salon can hook you up. Give them a call, and start rocking some beautiful human hair extensions from the Mélange collection. (And yes, they can color them for you!)