5 Reasons Why We Love Hair Clip-in Extensions (and You Will Too!)

5 Reasons Why We Love Hair Clip-in Extensions (and You Will Too!)


With the rise in popularity of using hair extensions also comes the vast availability of different options. Are you a beginner to hair extensions? Are you constantly up for changing your hairstyle? Or, do you want to avoid the salon yet obtain luscious locks? Clip-in hair extensions may be worth considering. Below are five reasons why we love clip-ins.


1. Styling Options

You can add volume, length, and/or color in 15 minutes or less with the best clip-in hair extensions. For those that love short hair one day and long the next, you do not have to worry about haircut regret again. If you want a pop of color or you like your short locks and want volume, this is completely possible. After all, there are many choices of clip-ins available.


These extensions are also great for certain special occasions. Maybe you want to look a little extra sparkly or sophisticated at a formal event. Clip-in extensions are must-haves for wedding photos or casual photoshoots.


2. Damage-Free

Because there are no chemicals or heat used when applying these extensions, they are unanimously considered a damage-free option. Among beauty experts and stylists, clip-ins come highly recommended!


Clip-ins sit in your natural hair the same way a banana clip or a claw clip would. Simply apply them to your hair when getting ready for a night out. Then, remove them before bed for a comfortable night’s rest. Just as those other clips do not damage your hair, you can rest assured that clip-ins won’t either!


3. Application Process

Ever heard of the phrase, “easy peasy, lemon squeezy?” That is exactly how trouble-free these extensions are. It’s extremely easy to apply clip-ins to your own hair. You do not even need to visit a salon for assistance, unless you prefer to see your favorite stylist, of course! They may require a tiny bit of practice for beginners. However, they are nothing compared to trying to apply other extension types by yourself.


4. Affordability

Part of the reason most extensions are so pricey has to do with the material quality. The density of the hair or the amount of hair can also make extensions very expensive. Plus, the application process required at your local salon may mean additional costs. After all, the stylist’s time and talent are part of what make certain extensions look so beautiful.


Clip-ins, meanwhile, are an at-home application. They also contain less hair than other extensions. For these reasons, they are one of the more affordable options in today’s hair extensions market!


5. Comfort

Nothing beats style and comfort in any product purchased. (Maybe this is why activewear is so popular now!) You never know if a hair extension will bother you until you try. They may affect you while you sleep or feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Some extensions, like sew-in weaves, are famous for being itchy and irritating. Each client is created differently, right?


However, discomfort will never be a fear or concern with the best hair clip-in extensions. You can remove them anytime you’d like (especially at night before sleep). Please note, you want to be careful not to sleep with them in. The clips could be uncomfortable and pull on your natural hair.


As a last note, one bonus reason we love clip-in hair extensions is that they do not accumulate oils. They’re far less greasy than natural hair is, so you have to wash less often. We hope you now love your new clip-ins as much as we do at Melange Hair. Shop with us today and look forward to styling your hair’s needs!